Wk 15 – Classmate Conversation – Cindy Do & Esmeralda Mendez


For our last official class I had the pleasure of talking with Cindy and Esmeralda. I wish I connected with these two sooner… What fun and nice girls!

Esmeralda is a senior like me. She only has two more courses over summer to finish and then she is DONE! She has no idea what she wants to do with her Sociology and minor in Child Development degree. Still, she seems pretty confident things will play out and she will figure it out – and from the few minutes we spoke, I would have to agree.  Especially after this weeks discussion, this is just another step in the growing process. The one thing Esmeralda does know she wants is to go to Jamaica upon completion of her classes. How fun!

Cindy is just finishing up her second year as  Biology major. She honestly admitted she doesn’t know why she chose biology but exclaimed she is sticking with it! I think it is relevant as she plans to go to Dentistry school after graduation. Having a base of biology will only improve her foundation of knowledge. Cindy was set in her goal on going to Dentistry school and admire her for having cleat goals to work towards.

Good luck with everything ladies!


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