Wk 14 – Art Activity – Sketching in the Garden

Finding my place in the Japanese Garden I sat on a bench and allowed myself to soak in the sun. We began with 30 second drawings. I feel like these were a warm up. They were fun, and to my surprise, 20-30 seconds is a lot more time to complete a sketch than I thought. The less pressure I put on myself to create something good, the better I feel they turned out. a6

On to the 5 minute sketch…a5

This is where I lose focus. I cannot maintain concentration on a piece for very long. I end up tensing up which changes my technique until it gets to the point where I feel I have ruined the sketch until I stop caring, basically. And 5 minutes isn’t even long…what a baby I am! This forces me to give great respect to artists that create time sucking masterpieces. The patience!

My next attempt was the Contour drawing. I enjoyed this the most I think. I like looking at an object close up. The hand was a perfect thing to draw..no perfect lines necessary. I was able to focus here as I concentrated on my hands unique features. I focused on the a7


I find our unique fingerprints fascinating. We went on the contour drawing the garden. Less interesting. From there we did representational drawing. First, it was hard for me to choose something to represent. I didn’t just want to do nature, yet we were surrounded by all things nature. I was able to pick out an object and a “corner” in the garden. I have always found it extremely difficult to represent a 3D space or depth. When looking at my picture I do not see depth. The lines never quote match up, and if I ever did take a drawing class, learning this would interest me the most. a3

I made a few attempts at abstract sketching. Annnd, I realize I don’t do abstract very well! I can’t help but want to make it look like something. I think I could paint abstract. But when my tool is a pencil I can’t help but curve the lines to create something that resembles something.

One of my abstract attempts. 

Overall, it was a beautiful afternoon. The weather was perfect, the sun was out and it the atmosphere relaxing. Just what I needed at the middle of our week.  Relaxing and being creative is exactly why I took this class – I enjoyed the opportunity to do just that. this week.


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