Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation #6 – Debbie Do & Donovan Le

cc1Here are two awesome people I probably would have never met if it were for this class. As a graduating senior I am at the end of my road and these first years are just beginning. I couldn’t help but feel like a mentor to some degree.

Both Debbie and Donovan know each other from high school in Westminster, CA. Pretty cool to maintain close connections through college! Debbie is an undeclared major, but has her eyes set on declaring Health Science in the near future. She isn’t sure what exactly she sees herself doing with that degree but that is the beauty of the Health Science major, it is broad enough that one can specialize down the road. Donovan is a Economics major – also unsure at this point where he sees himself down the road. He does enjoy his major and is in the process of figuring out how to utilize it for the makings of a future career. I guess who really knows for sure at that age what you want to do. I think its good they aren’t rushing into any decisions.

At some point the pair want to do some traveling. I couldn’t help but encourage them to not wait for only summers and to look into study abroad semester programs through CSULB. They are definitely interested! I probably scared them off with my enthusiasm of travel though! But I hope that they realize now how awesome the experience is. I wish I hadn’t waited until my last semester. They do have a trip planned to San Francisco coming up after this semester and it would be their first time traveling up there. Baby steps.


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