Wk 11 – Artist Conversation #8 – Soroush Moghim

Artist: Soroush Moghum
Exhibition: Geometry of Grief
Media: plexiglass, projection, urethane casting resin, bronze, soundstracks
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: none
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/soroushmoghim/?hl=en

art3Artist Soroush Moghim’s showcased his BFA exhibition with sculpture, sounds, and projections. Soroush is a senior in the CSULB School of Art’s Sculpture and 4D Program.  He does plan to go on and study more sculpture but has yet to look into programs. He would like to stay in the saturated LA/Orange County area as this is where people flock to experience art. Artists are respected here. Soroush moved from Iran when just 10 years old. When asked if he ever planned to return to Iran to showcase his art, he replied, “I would, as long as the art I choose to show isn’t to controversial. Which nothing I have is now, so yes. I could see myself doing that”.

Soroush’s work is undoubtedly aesthetically appealing. Each piece stood on its on while connected to the whole concept of the exhibit. The rhythm from sculpture to sculpture was well guided. Each introduced the other. The bust is male, life size, and made out of bronze. The intentional fragmented face of the bust was point of focus. The overhang of the sphere well placed and representative of weight over the bust (pictured below).

Behind Closed Eyes. Bronze, projection. 

The piece that stood out from the rest of the work was the embroidery that was framed with Plexiglass. The jagged outline of a woman figure playing the violin comes to life with with the masterful use of white light projection.

Untitled. Embroidery by Zohreh Taffazoli. Framed with Plexiglass. 

The final piece, the resin violin, concluded the walk boldly with the projected light most distinct here. The violin was extremely intricate with delicate details. The violin, sculpted from urethane casting resin was translucent and unclouded. It allowed the light to transform the piece into a magnificently bright and colorful projection.

Geometry of Grief. Urethane casting resin, projection. 
Geometry of Grief. Urethane casting resin, projection. 

Soroush’s exhibit is inspired by the sublime that lies within ordinary objects and human form. Nature is a source of inspiration…something that is truly felt upon entering the gallery. He attempts to create patterns that evoke a sense of transcendence. He claims to enjoy the high craft intricate art citing influence from both his background in Iran and his more recent experiences with American culture.

I was deeply drawn to this exhibit. I also relate to the details of nature as Soroush such as the sun shining through the trees. I always stop and appreciate the beauty I am feeling. I see beauty as a feeling received when observing something – whether that something is a work of art or nature. Having stepped inside this gallery I transcended into those moments. I felt calm. I see Soroush’s work as having captured exactly what he intended to capture – transcendence. This is an artist to definitely keep an eye on!



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