Wk 10 – Artist Activity – Architecture: The Wedge

art4Ahh, the Wedge. I remember my first encounter. I distinctly remember saying to myself, “Well, this is stupid.” There are days when I refuse to partake in the absurdity of waiting to walk through the 2 foot space while a dozen other students squeeze, literally, their way through the space..and there are days when I follow the herd right into the trap. This is the perfect case of dysfunctional design. I agree with Glenn in that I doubt the architects thought about the shear amount of traffic that would pour through this area on the daily. That, however, in my opinion means a lack of planning. Clearly they underestimated the shear laziness of the 21st century college student. Of course they won’t take the extra 20 steps around the blockade. They will save themselves those steps and 10 seconds. Its painful just to look at.

As a person who believes in functional design, this truly gets under my skin. It just adds to the frustration of my daily commute. As if the PCH at 9 in the morning isn’t enough I mumble to myself.  So, that is why I love this assignment! What a great opportunity to vent my frustrations and  dream up an ideal scenario. I am also SO curious to see what other students and design fanatics come up with.

I took the simple approach. Tear down that wall! Tear down that wall! And leave a monument with a plaque to remember what once stood.


Plaque reads: Here once stood the bane of every college student’s commute. May it be forgotten. 

This nod to the old wall will hopefully ease the pain while adding a little humor. In a sense this new standing monument is just a micro version of the wall that it replaced – potentially causing back up. This just adds to the comedy of it in my eyes. Still, my design greatly opens the space and hopefully, just hopefully, students can enjoy their walk to class without the hassle of the Wedge. I imagine in a year from now students will see this monument as being just as bad as the wall, tear it down and insert a street plaque.



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