Wk 9 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

The activity this week was very fun! And challenging.

I began not really knowing what to expect. I had all the tools and was ready!

pic4It is REALLY hard to get the paint spray to look the way you want it to! I know graffiti artists use tips to help, but unfortunately my spray paint game isn’t quite at that level. I worked with what I had. As I began to spray I realized it it much easier to work in a vertical spray rather than a horizontal spray as the paint didn’t spray well if horizontal, so I had to re-position the board. Once vertical, I began painting and noticed the paint was dripping. I couldn’t win! I know this was most likely because I was spraying too close, however, I actually enjoyed the effect it gave and so I made it  a part of my design.


I played with the mixture of colors. My friend encouraged me to outline it in black. BIG mistake. It completely ruined the aesthetic I was going for. Oh well. I went with it. It wasn’t too hard to drown out the black into a gray – and it actually did help with being able to read what it actually said.


Still, I would have liked to keep it light. Overall, I think this was a great learning experience. I have always been impressed with the works of art some graffiti artist are able to create. This art experience just proved to me that they deserve far more respect!



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