Wk 8 – Art Experience – Finger Painting


It was the perfect afternoon for finger painting. The sun had finally shown its face, I had a new rhubarb cider to sample, and I was in need of creativity. I laid all my materials out, enjoyed the view from my rooftop terrace, and began.


I began with no intention. I just began to smear and smudge the paint onto the paper.


I was using the only paint I had, high quality acrylic paint, and the only large piece of paper I had, the Rives BFK paper. Smearing and smudging was actually harder than I realized. The combination of materials didn’t allow momentum. My motions were forced and not free. With the forcefulness of my strokes, I became compelled to make something with the paint. I realized I wanted and needed to create a subject. A scene. The more my hands swept over the paper, I saw the makings of a beautiful sunset. I enjoyed using my hands and not a tool. I enjoyed how liberating it was. However, I guess I’m not as free thinking as I thought as I turned this painting into a desert sunset. It would have frustrated me to not.


I am happy with the final product and am inspired to take on another free hand painting. I want to try to create “nothing”.  Maybe with practice I can learn to let go of controlling the process and allow the motions to say how the final product will look.  Maybe this has revealed something about myself, and maybe I need to apply this thinking into other areas of my life. My new mantra will be: Trust the process and let things happen as they may.




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