Wk 6 – Art Experience – Zines & Flip Books

You’re not alone.


I started out with the idea of telling a story of a lonely pear. As I began, however, I realized that there was more to the lonely pear. What if this lonely pear was not alone in its isolation?  And so my story unfolded. The lonely tree… 7

The lonely pear.


The lonely leaf.


The lonely ladybug.


The lonely germ.


The end.


I chose to isolate the color to just the subject to bring it into focus. I’ve always been drawn to works where there is a pop of color that forces your attention in a direction. And when looking at pieces of art like this, I always make a point of noticing the background – the scene that supports the subject. I thought it suited this piece because I wanted the reader to realize the isolation of the subject yet  I like the idea of maintaining the big picture in the background.

I entitled it you’re not alone because while I feel lonely at times, those times are usually marked by situations in which I am focused only on the subject at hand. I am so deeply involved in the subject (myself) to remember that there is this whole scene going on in the ‘background’. When I take the same approach with life as I do viewing works similar to this one I regain perspective. There will always be a ‘background’ – and I realize that the idea may make some people feel even smaller (the fact that there is this whole world and lives going on without regards to them) to me, it makes me feel connected to something bigger than myself.



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