Wk 4 – Activity – Art Care Package

The care package is intended for a dear friend of mine who is going through a difficult transition in her life. The package serves two purposes. 1) Distraction and 2) Motivation. My friend is a female, 29 years old, a talented artist, a traveler and one of the kindest persons I know. The care package was the perfect opportunity to check in with her.

wk4activity3I shared various quotes cutout or found from random coffee shops in Orange or San Diego County as well as weekly periodicals for reading.


The only similarity I see between the ACP and Snapchat are the thoughtfulness of sending it. It requires a step back to say, “hey, this is cool- lets appreciate it and share it.” The ACP is different from a Snapchat in that the ACP is not instantaneous. The objects are material, and require handling and touch. The ACP requires time. These days time is taken for granted- everything is expected now. Snapchat holds its place in this world just as the ACP holds its place in this world. I believe that when something requires more connection to the senses (in this case touch/feel) such as the ACP it forges a relationship to the objects. The idea of the ephemera may seem to be only intended for a short time, however, I believe its the intention that lasts. The intention is precious. It depends on the person accepting it that makes the call to hold onto the tangible elements or the memory.

The concept of “fast” like Snapchat is good for this quick moving, hustle and bustle world we live in. The short and quick reminders that someone is thinking of us has positively affected our lives. Slow is better for this fast world, however, because we all could seize the opportunity to take slow down and pace our intentions to appreciate the moments. The idea of making something with love gets lost in a Snapchat, I believe. To make something with love requires time, as love builds over time.



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