Wk 3- Classmate Conversation -Emelina Virga


I had the pleasure of meeting International Studies and Italian Studies senior, Emelina Virga. Remember the only two people to raise their hand when asked who has studied abroad? Well, one of those persons was Emelina. She spent last year in Italy. Italy! She absolutely fell in love with it there. So much so, that she is already planning her escape back. She has family that lives in both Northern and Southern Italy, although she plans to travel around Рnot settling in either place until she does finally decide to settle in. Emelina, is committed. When I went to put my contact information in her phone, it was in Italian. She said she wants to keep the language fresh on her mind. How inspiring!

We also connected on my major. I learned that Emelina had at one point in time thought about majoring in Nutrition like me. I love people that talk my language! The strangest thing is that she has a friend in the very Master of Gastronomy program I thought about applying to in Italy! This program only holds about 20-25 students each year in a small town in Italy, and somehow I connected with a person that knows someone in it. Fate? I’m thinking yes.

I wish Emelina the best of luck on her future endeavors in Italy…check out her website!





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