Wk 1- Classmate Conversation #2 – Marilyn Rodriguez


It’s week two and I got the pleasure of meeting Marilyn Rodriguez. Marilyn is currently working towards a double major in Business and Supply Chain Management. I instantly fell in love with Marilyn’s personality because 1) she ready to go with far out questions such as”If you had a million dollars, what would you do first?” I love people that get straight to the point. And 2) she came up with the brilliant idea to write and draw out jokes on her weekly 4×6 attendance card. Brilliant. If only I had thought of that!

Marilyn’s down to earth personality was apparent from the get go. To hear that she is the oldest and only girl out of 4 siblings was no surprise. What was inspiring about Marilyn was her ambitions to start her own business. Her family owns a business that she could take over one day – but in Marilyn’s true bold fashion, she wants to make her own waves in the event planning world. She is on track for making a big impact. She knows what it means to work hard – holding two jobs while in school with a double major. She works at Disneyland (which is pretty neat!) and as a high school tutor. Positions that take discipline and people skills.

I have high hopes for Marilyn, and I’m pretty confident she won’t let me down!

Marilyn Rodriguez – lookitsmarilyn.wordpress.com/




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