Wk 1 – Classmate conversation – Sammi Simon

Shout out to my girl Sammi Simon!

We connected instantly on our love of travel. It dominated our conversation. Where we’ve been, where we’ll go. Sammi recently took a trip to Palau. Um, where? Palau. An archipelago of over 500 islands situated between Australia and Japan. I had to look it up. It’s stunning. A real tropical paradise perfect for snorkeling. Which is exactly what she did while there.

Sammi is graduating in the fall. As we began to discuss life after graduation Sammi mentioned she is considering a transition to Europe (another shared interest). As a dance major, Europe shows great potential for Sammi’s future career. No place in particular stands out at the moment. Just in general, when compared to the U.S., Europe holds a greater appreciation for the arts. I encouraged her to go for it. Why not?! Regardless, Sammi is down for whatever life may hold after graduation.


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